Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's Official

Okay, today I had another ultra-sound and it is now official, we are having another boy! I had already had the chance to prepare myself for the news, since I was only 15 weeks along when I had my first one done they couldn't say for sure that it was a boy but they said off the record it was 85% boy. My doctor told me when I was farther along he would request another one just so I could have a more accurate reading. Today they said it was 100% boy. I have to admit though the first time I was told that it might be a boy, I went home a little on the sad side. I was really hoping for a girl. But what can I say...Mike is siked to have to ball players. Reality is I soppose it will be cheaper to have a boy right now since I have all boy stuff already and boy will have a good buddy to play with. Now comes the hard part, trying to decide on another boy name. Michael and I already had girl names picked out, but we are back to square one, just like with Beau. Why is it that boy names are so much harder to decide on and why do they always sale so much more girl stuff compared to boys? Well I just thought everyone might want to know.

Friday, March 14, 2008

We Are Moving!

I just wanted to write a quick a note to let all of you know that we are moving back to Arizona. Michael is moving back on Thursday, March 20, 2008. He will be starting his new job on the 24th. He got a job working at the University Of Phoenix. Beau and I will probably be moving down there in about a month. Hopefully Michael will have a place for us to live by then so we don't have to wait any longer. So we will be seeing all of you real soon.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

*Beau's 1st Birthday*

I just thought since no one was able to share Beau's first birthday with him you would like to see some pictures. We had such a great day. He woke up to find yellow and green streamers hung in the living room and balloons all over the house. He had Trix cereal and chocolate doughnuts. (I know so healthy, but I didn't here him complain.) In the morning we just got a few things together and then ran and got his own cake for the evening. Rhonda also made another cake in the shape of a one for the rest of us to eat. ( I didn't think we would want to share his cake when he was through.) After his morning nap (yes he still takes two naps a day, thank heavens.) we took him on a four wheeler ride. He loved every minute of it. He was laughing and waving. About half way through he fell asleep and slept through the rest of the ride. When we got home, he played some more and then we ordered some pizza and had Rhonda and Brents parents come over and Rhonda's brother Gary and his kids, and some friends. We had pizza and cake and opened presents. It was a blast.

Here are a few pictures and short video of last night.

This was our four-wheeling trip. It starts from the time we arrived at the trails until our way home in the truck.

Beau wanted to eat Michael's pizza. I think it is funny that Beau will eat anything that Michael has on his plate and won't eat his own food even if it is the same thing.

Here is the cake before Beau got a hold of it.

These are of Beau enjoying his first cake.

This is what the cake looked like after he played in it.

After we ate cake Beau opened his presents. He scored big time with balls and of course his favorite was the little golf set he got. He goes around hitting everything with his little clubs.

Beau's 1st Birthday