Monday, September 29, 2008

My boys!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Fantasy World

Michael and I had an amazing time on our cruise, with his family. It was great to have time two spend together (and to actually sleep 3 full nights without having to wake up for babies)and to see David and Savannah. I ate so much food and tried things I normally wouldn't have anywhere else. My favorite appetizer was escargot and my favorite meal was the halibut. Duck was okay but it was my least favorite. There was a couple of amazing deserts, however Tina said that they needed to hire the Tarwaters to make desert. She didn't think they were sweet enough. Here are a couple of my favorite pictures.

Disney World

This is Beau's first trip to Disney. He had alot of fun. He loved all the rides but hated the disney characters.

The Beach

I took the boys to the beach. Because of all the storms it blew a lot of creatures close to the beach. We caught a ton of fish with a cast net. We also caught baby octopuses, big live clams, jelly fish, and sea urchins. Here is a couple of pictures.

We're Back!

So, we are back in the real world. We all had to come back to reality. However, I have to admit living in a world of paradise (minus not having my boys with me) and not stressing about normal life was incredible.
Beau, Gage, and I flew out early to see my family and throw my dad a surprise birthday party here is our family picture.