Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's been along time

Sorry I haven't posted in a long time. But here is the update. Michael and I are officially moved in to our new apartment, we are currently living in Tempe. Michael is loving his job as an Enrollment Counselor at University of Phoenix. I am enjoying being a stay at home mom and spending all of my time with Beau. I couldn't ask for anything more rewarding then seeing Beau grow and progress in all different areas. I am currently babysitting on Wed and Thurs. which has been very good for Beau. He is learning that he needs to share his toys and be patient when I am doing things for someone else. Even though I wouldn't mind having the world revolve around him, with the new baby almost here, it is a good idea he starts learning now. I do have to say he is very jealous and has taken it rough but he is getting better. Oh the best news of all we moved Beau into his own twin size bed. He is doing great. He slept through the night last night until 6 a.m. I love it though he wakes up in the morning and then sleeps with me until 9:30. It is our snuggle time. I hope this continues even with a newborn. My biggest concern is how Beau will take it. I really want him to know that he is still important. Now that things have slowed down, I will have to start taking pictures to post. Regular posts won't start for a while, I still haven't gotten my laptop fixed but as soon as I do, I will continue to keep a better blog. (Linds I can't view your blog anymore since you changed it to private.)