Friday, October 26, 2007

New Job

I don't have any pictures, just yet in my nifty uniform, but I have a job. I am working as the night audit at the Ramada Inn. I am working for Paul and Kathy Harker, some of you might know who I am talking about. They are incredible people. I work part-time Friday and Saturday nights from 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. I haven't had to work those hours just yet since I am training, but I definitely have no complaints so far. The nice thing is when we decided to travel, I will get a discount at other Ramada's. I do have to say though most Ramada's aren't as nice and as clean as this one is. I was really impressed. So if anyone comes to visit, you have to stay at the Ramada and come and see me.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Beau's Huge Update!!

Beau has been a very busy boy yesterday and today. Yesterday, he decided he was going to officially start crawling. If that wasn't enough he now pulls himself up on things and stands. He still would rather walk then crawl, but now he can get things and go places by himself. It is so cute he isn't very fast but he takes long strides. Not only is he now crawling but he also sits himself up from a crawling position to a sitting postition. Can you believe it,it blows my mind how fast he is growing and watching the progression is amazing. Alright to add to the already full pot, he also has decided to hold his own sippy cup. It is so nice, at dinner time, I just put his cup on his tray and he eats; and now when he is thirsty he gets a drink (instead of spitting) and then we continue to eat. (He only spits at dinner time when he is finished now, but he still spits like crazy any other time.) Here are a few pictures, I hope you enjoy. Michael and I are doing great. I hope every one else is doing well. We miss you all.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mind Over Splatter

Mind Over Splatter (It's there in AZ, so if you want to go and need directions let me know!) I am addicted. For those of you who don't know Mind Over Splatter is a pottery store where you paint or decorate anything that you like and then they burn it. The teacher that I worked for also worked at this potter store, she convinced me to go and do my own piece of pottery. I have to admit, There are some things that I am very talented at and I have a creative mind when it comes to certain subjects, but painting and drawing are not one of them; so I was a bit on the reserved side. I also was a little overwhelmed with all of the options to choose from, but after 20 mins of looking over everything, I decided to make a bank for Beau. I wanted the bank to have some sentimental meaning later on in life. So Katie, the teacher I work with suggested a baseball, since both Mike and I are hoping that he'll play, and then the lid would have his handprint that we could turn into a glove and that is just what we did. You should definetly check it out. They have things in all price ranges and they do parties. Here are a couple of pictures, of how the bank turned out. **Remember I am not very artistic, so if I can do this anyone can. Sorry this took so long to post.

Beau's 1st Time At The Park

I finally got the internet to work, so I could post some pictures. The other day Rhonda and I took Beau to the park for the very first time. We went and got KFC for lunch and then we went to the park and ate it Beau thought he was in heaven. He ate our mashed potatoes and our biscuits, as he was sucking on a chicken bone. (Only Courtey would think that the chicken bone is funny. This is because she calls Tucker and Beau her little puppies.) Any way, after we ate, we put Beau on the swings. He had an absolute blast. He was squealing and kicking his legs. Now the park is must to almost everyday. He is growing like a weed though; and has started to crawl little bits at a time. However, he would much rather stand and hold on to things. I am sure he will be moving along here shortly. I will keep you posted. I am loving taking pictures of him, and now that I figured out how to get my computer to work there will be alot more pictures and posts.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm Frusterated, Yet Excited

Jeez-O-Wheeze! I am so frustrated. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, my dumb computer isn't working. Well it only works some of the time, and when it is working it will let me do everything but post pictures, or send pictures in emails. I don't know why. So I tried connecting my camera to Rhonda's computer and it won't let me download pictures to her computer. However, on a positive note, Beau and Michael took a two hour nap, which gave me time to do whatever I wanted. I finally sat down with the manual to my camera that Michael bought me for my birthday and read all the directions and figured out all the tiny details. It is so awesome. I can change anything to a different color, I can do BW and Sepia, and I can do things that are black and white and choose to add color to different things. I never thought my little camera could do all of those things. I guess that's what I get for finally sitting down and taking the time to read the manual. Our Christmas pictures are going to be awesome this year.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's a long Blog, it's all about our move!

So we are settled in St. George. I do miss all of you, but I have to be 100% honest, the weather here is BEAUTIFUL. I do not miss the scorching heat. This weekend we should be getting a cold front. I can't wait! Beau and I have gone on walks and played outside. It really feels like fall. I am completely siked to have the opportunity to live in St. George, and experience a different setting. We left Monday at 5:00p.m. and the drive started pretty smoothly. Beau did so well, for such a long trip. We had to go slower then normal so the trailor didn't sway but this was him at the beginning of our trip. That is until the strap flew off of the trailor and we had to pull over. Michael was pulling the trailor with Rhonda's truck and Rhonda and I drove the car behind him in case of anything falling off. Unluckily it did. When we pulled over we took Beau out of his car seat that is until a rent-a-cop pulled over and Rhonda put him back in his seat and bumped his head on the suit case, he started to cry, I felt bad and pulled him back out to comfort him and when I put him back in his seat I hit his head on the ceiling. It was a rough 5 hours after that. Lets just say by 9:00 I gave up and he slept on me until a bag fell off of the trailor and we had to pull over to get it. The one car that was behind us didn't obvisouly pay attention and hit the bag. Rhonda ran back and picked as much up as possible, and then I put Beau back in his seat and got out and helped her try and pick up papers. Thank goodness he fell right back to sleep in his seat. By the way the bag was just my soccer bag, but it tour it apart and Rhonda almost got hit with my soccer ball that came flying at her from being hit so hard. So Beau got put back into his car seat and until he started bawling again at about 12:00 then he got to sleep the rest of the 2 hours on me again. We finally go in 3:00a.m. Utah time. Tuesday, morning when we got up and unloaded the car, truck, and trailor. Later in the after noon Michael went and met with a guy about a job and then went golfing. Beau and I took a walk and looked at all the decorated houses. It was a rough night, Beau woke up about 6 times. I was exhauseted this morning. The reason for his fussniess is his 4th tooth is about to break through, hopefully it will be tomorrow.
Today I unpacked all of our clothes,toys and other odds and ends and it took all day. I am now laying in bed about to fall asleep. However, I should post that Beau's favorite thing about our move is the fact that we finally have a bathtub, so he has been able to sit and enjoy playing and swimming in the tub, rather then our rather quick showers. I tried to post a video of his bath this afternoon but it wouldn't load so here are a few pictures.

Now that I have continued access to the internet, I will be consistent with posting blogs and pictures. I hope that everyone is doing well. I will check everyone's blogs to keep informed. I love you all and miss you. Beau and Michael say hi as well.