Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My 1st...

So...since Michael has been gone, I had to find a project to keep myself busy. Granted it is nice to be able to do things my way and have the whole bed to myself, but I was having a hard time coping with being a single parent for the time being. Rhonda suggested I make a baby blanket for our new little one. I finally finished. Here is a picture of the front. The back is just solid blue silk. It's not perfect but it still looks pretty good for being my first one.

Here is a full shot of the blanket.

Here is a close up of half of it.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Busy Bee

Okay so I know I posted twice today but I had to break these two post up. Today we had a very long day, not only for Beau but I think that I am about to fall asleep posting this. We started our day going grocery shopping and then we came home and ate some lunch. Beau chased his balloon around the house for about a half an hour. Then he played outside for an hour. After all of this and no nap we went to a kite festival. He had so much fun. We flew kites and got snow cones, and he jumped on a big bouncy thing. After 2.5 hours of all of this (and no camera, bummer)we came home and he finally fell asleep for 30 min. After his short nap and no time for me to recoup, Brent took us out for a drive around the town in his dad's old car. It was pretty sweet, here are a few pictures.

This is the picture of the whole car, isn't it so cute!!

The two of us in the back seat.

Beau decided he wanted to drive. There aren't any seat belts in the car, so he didn't have to buckle, he thought he was in heaven. He did beep the horn and scared himself pretty good, it was hilarious.

Beau and Grandma. We always have fun when we do things with her. He is trying to do the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Beau is really going to miss Rhonda when we move. I feel so bad taking him so far away, since she is such a huge part of his life.

This is just a close up of my happy little bee, sick and all.

Walking in Daddy's Shoes...

I took this picture while we were in Arizona. We bought Mike new shoes and Beau was so silly, he refused to let me hand them to Michael. He was ver insistant upon giving them to his daddy. As you can tell my little boy is growing up so fast, he wanted to wear them, he is walking in his daddy's shoes (he is alot like Michael). He missed Mike so much, I know that he can't wait to be able to play and snuggle with his daddy everyday.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A day at the zoo!

Today Coartney, Lindsey, Brittany, and I took all the kids to the zoo. It was kinda fun being around two other pregnant girls. Coartney didn't have it any easier carrying a baby on the front of her the whole time, so she fit right in too. Here are a couple pictures of our trip. I know I am a picture Nazi but, I can't help it.

Tate & Beau were so thrilled to have their picture taken.

We took the kids to the little play place. They all loved the tractor.

I couldn't help but post this, I love it in black and white.

Beau loves horses and was excited to ride a little one all by himself.

This is the way Beau gives loves. The horse definitely got more than one wet kiss.

The Three Musketeers! I am glad that Beau has cousins close in age to play with. They were su cute together.

Beau loved the water, but wasn't quite sure about the stingrays, especially when they splashed!

This picture isn't significant, but my mom wanted to see how big I am getting.

Beau ruined the picture, he was tired of laying on his belly.

I have to thank Brit for being the photographer. I guess when she has baby Linc. we are going to have to nominate another picture taker since she will have her hands full also.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Sorry it took so long to post my tag, but with getting ready to move and Michael not being here it's hard to get any down time and by 9:30 I am exhausted. I went ahead and added a few extra categories.

My favorite color: Orange

My favorite food: Italian (angel hair pasta and shrimp will always do the trick.

My favorite dessert: Anything that has cherries in it.

My favorite hobby: I use to sleep, eat, and breath soccer. I hope to one day play again. My current favorite hobby is being the best mom I can to Beau and our new soon to come baby.

My favoite song: My favorite song right now is All-American Girl by Carrie Underwood, but my favorite singer right now is Chris Daughtry.

My favorite author: I would have to say Catherine Coulter, however, I love J.K. Rowling's books.

My Job: I am currently un-employed but my future dream job would be a teacher. I would love to teach math or health to high school students. It will happen one day. It is just going to take a little longer then I thought now that I have started having children.

My favortie cartoon character: I couldn't think of my favorite animal, so I changed it a little. Without a doubt it's Tigger!

My favorite flower: Orange Roses