Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Update

Michael: Is still working at University of Phoenix as an enrollment counselor, and is doing a great job. He is playing softball and being an incredibel father and husband.
ME: I was just offered a position as an enrollment counselor at the University of Phoenix, which I have accepted. I will begin training March 30. I am playing soccer and enjoying being a mother to the best boys in the world. Both boys will be watched by a lady named Julie who also has a two year old. I am so glad I didn't have to resort to daycare.
Beau: It is his birthday today. He is officially 2. He is being a wonderful big brother to Gage, and is always so concerned about everyone else. He is going through a stage where whenever he wants something he always makes sure that mom, dad, or Gage has some also. His vocabulary and conversation has improved so much within the last two weeks. He goes in for his well check up tomorrow so, I will have to post his weight and percentage.
Gage: Is our little angel. He is so easy going. His third tooth broke through and we are now about to have a fourth one. At his 6 month checkup he weighed 18 lbs. 7 oz. He is in the 58% for weight. He is 27.75 in. tall and is in the 83% for height. His head circumfrence is only in the 13%, but he is still so smart. He has already passed the crawling stage and is now pulling himself up to stand on everything. I can't believe that he will be 7 months old on Thursday. We also just found out that Gage is going in for Surgery on March 30th. I will have to take before and after pictures. So please keep him in your prayers.
Family: We are doing so well and are a very happy family. We are leaving to go out of town on Thursday and will return the following Friday.


Lindsey Vance Parry said...

Sounds like you guys are doing good, and busy. What is Gage having surgery for?!

Tarwater Family said...

He has a cyst between his eyes. It's growing and they said that it could effect the soft tissue around his eyes and affect his cerebrum. And in a rare case scenerio if he were to hit it just right it could rupture. So they will do an MRI to determine how deep it is and then he'll go straight into surgery.

Tarwater Family said...
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Jaime B said...

Good thing you guys were on top of that-huh? Poor guy! Are you excited to go back to work? Will it be full time?

Chris Paxman said...

Oh fun! I have driven past Michael a couple times in the parking lot at UOP and waved but I don't think he recognizes me through the tinted windows. Do you know which division you will be in when you start?

Parks Family said...

B-Hope all is well. Sounds like your family is growing and having a great time enjoying life. Hope Gage is well.

Anonymous said...

Cute Blog :)
Hi, I came across your blog and I saw that your husband works for University of Phoenix. Can you give him my E-mail because I would like to talk to him about U OF P when he is off work HRS.I just need more info about there Medical Programs. THANK YOU.